On-line car insurance secrets

When people shop for car insurance on-line they tend to think they are in charge of who will call them and when.  This cannot be further from the truth.  Most on-line advertisers, and therefore the sites where shoppers fill out on-line forms are “quote resellers”.  That’s right, they sell your information to insurance companies, not just one…as many as they can!  The average cost of buying a “quote” is $15.00, so what you end up with is a bunch of  brokers and agents calling you and emailing you repeatedly.  They don’t stop, your info is paid for and they want to make back their investment. 

The major companies don’t resell eg: (Progressive, State Farm, Geico) so you only get repeatedly bugged by the same company. 

At Avenida Insurance we respect your privacy, we do NOT resell any email addresses, phone numbers with anyone else, and never will.  We email you a quote, and call you if you want to be called, BUT if you tell us you are OK with your present insurance at anytime we don’t call you again.

Robert Giebink

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